What you will learn with this Book

  • The App Idea

    Learn why you do not have to have a unique idea to make money with an app.

  • Monetization Strategies

    Find out the different ways to make money with apps, and which way is best for your app.

  • App Design

    What are the most important design decisions that you will face building an app.

  • Graphic Design

    Find out how to find a graphic designer in your budget, and which parts of your app are the most important.

  • The App Store

    The app stores are mysterious places. Learn how they really work and how to get your app in front of your customers.

  • Marketing

    What marketing channels work, and which ones are a waste of money.

I just read this book and it is great! I took away a lot of action items and learned about a lot of tools to help with my app development.
Nathan P.
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About the author

Derek Clark has been working from home running his own app business since 2011. After quitting his day job to work for himself full time he was able to quickly replace his old developer salary with app sales. You can find him on Twitter @clarky07, his blog Entrelife, and on Hacker News. If you want to see some of his apps you can do that on iTunes.

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